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Thanks again for your interest in the 2021 Introships program. 


We are thinking that the program is likely to be via Zoom again, but if things turn around enough, we will build in activities to actually get together with companies and each other. Unfortunately, we need to play this by ear.


The program will consist of a combination of live company presentations, recorded company presentations, live deep-dive Q&A sessions with companies, and student-led sessions to prepare for the Q&A sessions. Because Introships is all about learning about a wide variety of career paths, we’ll ask that you watch nearly all of the company presentations (either the live or recorded versions).  After you have watched each company presentation, you can choose whether you want to attend the deep-dive Q&A session for that company. If you do, we ask that you attend the student-led prep session for that deep-dive session, so that the session is as productive as possible. 


So there will be a lot of moving parts, but you will also have a lot of flexibility in creating a program that works for you, and may allow you to have a summer job and participate in the program. We are planning for it to take place in the month of June, but we may be able to extend it into July, depending on the number of companies we have.

We ask that students consider making a $250 contribution to the program to help defray the costs of organizing it. Many students work with their school to get up to 3 hours of college credit for completing the program, which can be a substantial financial benefit.


The application process is simple- write a short essay (approximately 250 words), or create a short video (2 minutes or less), or both, about this topic: 


Everybody learns in different ways (for example, books, people, experiences, movies, group work, music).  How do you learn best and why?  Please offer an example or two.

To apply, fill in the form below, including links to the essay and/or video, no later than February 15, but please be aware that after January 15 we will start doing rolling admissions, and we’ll stop admitting students once the program is full. Probably best to upload the video to a platform like YouTube, and link to it, and the essay to a platform like Google Docs- but anything will work as long as you can link to it.

Apply for 2021 Program

Thanks for submitting!

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