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Welcome to the 2022 Introships Program.

Learn more about potential career paths than you ever thought possible, and hear what successful company leaders wish they had known when they were your age!


The 2022 program will consist of 3 parts:

  • Company Presentations. For 6 weeks (May 23-July 1) there will be a company presentation/Q&A every day for an hour (M-Th at 5:30PM ET, Friday at 9AM ET). Twenty of the presentations will be for everyone, and then there will be ten presentations from companies that are more local to Atlanta, Charlotte, or Norfolk/Virginia Beach. So each student will have access to 30 presentations and Q&A sessions- see the list below.

  • Reinforcement and Mentoring. During that time, Sean Wetmore will have reinforcement sessions with each student, in a small group, twice a week following company presentations.  Sessions will allow participants to reflect on what they learned, prepare for future sessions and build skills necessary for completing a successful job search.

  • In-Person Networking. If it’s safe, selected companies will bring interested students into their offices for OPTIONAL in-person sessions during the month of July for a lunch, a half-day, or a day. These sessions will usually take place in Atlanta, Charlotte or Norfolk/Virginia Beach.


All students will get company presentations from executives at the following 20 companies (or similar ones). The company calendar is not final and will be updated periodically.


  • Financial Services

    • Morgan Stanley

    • Accel/KKR (private equity)

    • Tucker Midis (investment banking)

    • Barings (investment management)

    • Ridgemont (private equity)​​

  • Tech

    • Google

    • The Weather Company/IBM

    • Maxex (Fintech)

    • Personify/MemberClicks (SAAS software)

    • One of several startup tech firms

  • Consulting​

    • Baringa

    • Global PMI Partners

  • Entrepreneurial

    • SmartMouth Brewing

    • BrandFuel

  • Other 

    • Coca Cola

    • Norfolk Southern (transportation)

    • Atlanta Falcons/Business of Sports

In addition, students will also pick virtual sessions with 10 of these more locally oriented companies in Atlanta, Charlotte or Norfolk/Virginia Beach:

  • Real Estate

    • Cushman & Wakefield

    • Harbor Group International

    • Student Quarters

    • MVP Properties

    • Colliers

  • Insurance

    • McGriff/Berkshire Hathaway

    • Marsh&McLennan

  • Wealth Management

    • Investment Research and Advisory Group

    • Edge Capital

    • Wilbanks, Smith and Thomas

  • Commercial Banking/Lending

    • Atlanta Capital Bank

    • Bellwether Enterprise 

    • Towne Bank

  • Digital Marketing

    • Trevelino Keller

    • TechArk

  • Accounting

    • Clifton Larson Allen

    • Grant Thornton

    • BDO

  • Law

    • Moore and Van Allen

    • Kaufman & Canoles

  • Other

    • Practical Growth Advisors (Consulting)

    • Myer, Greeson, Paullin & Benson (Architecture)

    • Investa

    • Source Capital

    • WestEnd

    • ODU Athletics

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