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2023 Introships Program Application

Thanks for your interest in the 2023 Introships program. 


This summer’s program will combine the efficiency and flexibility afforded by virtual presentations with the human connection and networking provided by in person experiences.


 The program will have three elements this summer:


  1. Live company virtual presentations along with deep-dive Q&A sessions with companies from late May through the month of June. 

  2. In-person company days in Norfolk, Charlotte and Atlanta to take place in early to mid-July. Participants can attend any of these in person sessions, even if they don't spend the whole summer in that location.  

  3. Weekly virtual team sessions to reflect on sessions you’ve attended and skill development to take full advantage of the program.


Participants are welcome to get paying jobs or take summer school classes during the program, provided you can commit to attending all sessions 


Participants will be asked to pay a nominal fee of $500 to participate in the program, payable upon acceptance, which will help defray the costs of running it.  If this fee presents a hardship for you, please reach out to Sean Wetmore ( to discuss available funding.  Please do not let the cost of the program prevent you from applying.


The application process is simple- write a short essay (approximately 250 words) about why you are interested in participating in the Introships program.


To apply, fill in the form below, including links to the essay, no later than April 1, but please be aware that after December 15 we will start doing rolling admissions, and we’ll stop admitting students once the program is full. After you apply, Sean will reach out to you to schedule an interview. Probably best to upload the essay to a platform like Google Docs- but anything will work as long as you can link to it.

2023 Program Application

Please complete all fields.

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