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  • How much does the program cost?​​

    • The program costs $500, to help defray the costs of the coaching that is included, and the technology for offering the  program. However, if this fee is a financial burden that would prevent you from participating, please apply anyway, and if you are accepted we will work with you to adjust or eliminate the fee. Many students work with their school to get up to 3 hours of college credit for completing the program, which can be a substantial financial benefit.

  • How long does each student spend with each company?

    • During this time of COVID, the program is mostly online. The students will have a Zoom session with each company, and then will be able to choose companies to have deep-dive Q&A sessions with, some in-person.

  • Can students choose to spend more or less time with certain companies?

    • While we want to hear about student preferences, in general all students will spend time with all companies- that’s really the point of the program. You may think you are not interested in a certain field, and then become interested as you learn more about it.​

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